Friday, August 1, 2008

Melissa Walker's New Release

Melissa Walker's Violet in Private releases on August 5th!

Violet Greenfield knows she's supposed to be a super-confident nineteen-year-old because she's done runway shows in New York and internationally. But now that she's finally headed to college, she's afraid she'll turn back into that girl who blended into the walls in high school. Vassar is just two hours away from New York City—her friends in fashion think she's crazy to stop modeling now. And her old friend Roger is there...but things have been weird ever since they kissed. The real question is if she's not going to be "Violet on the Runway" anymore...who is she?

Doesn't Melissa's new book sound wonderful? I think so.

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Liviania said...

Good luck with my contest - and feel free to enter the two other open ones!